Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fall Photos

It has been SUCH a beautiful fall, so I took it upon myself to capture the magnitude of it.  I have been experimenting with my camera and having a lot of fun.  I figure I have a beautiful country life, darling kids, fantastic subjects; the operator just needs some work.  So, here goes...

See my little boy in there?

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Centergrove Orchard

We spent today at one of our favorite fall places, Centergrove Orchard.  It's such a fantastic place.  So fantastic that we spent over six hours there and the kids still weren't ready to leave.  The last couple years we have celebrated Nana's birthday there and today marked another gorgeous day with spectacular weather, sweetest company, giggles, and memories made.

The whole crew!!  The little one in the middle?  He's completely stolen our hearts.
Pedal tractors...

 The good ol' corn pool...

Air time on the jumping pillow...

 The ever so popular slide...

Maleah is such a trooper.  Ruby's got it made with her rock star siblings.

What a good nana!!
The big tractors are sooooo much fun, even for the adults...

Like I said, even for the adults. :)

Eva says, "Can I play?!"

On the porch for some homemade apple cider and apple cider doughnuts...

The one room schoolhouse...

 All the nursery rhymes...

 And, you know you are in Iowa, when you race goats and pigs.  
You know you are a redneck when you cheer them on and watch them six times...

What a great day!!

While there are a lot of us (we joke that we qualify as a daycare field trip), and we like to make silly faces and look nutty, we have the best time together.  These kids are truly the best; outstanding behavior and just a genuine love and desire to be together.  I'm really grateful.

Harvest 2015

The guys got the big machine rolling this week.  While they haven't had a "go hard" day, they did officially begin on Tuesday, September 22.  Next week, I anticipate they will dig in and get after it.

It's always an exciting time!  My boys were just bopping around Tuesday morning.  As Dallas said, "The first day and the last day are so exciting.  And sometimes a few days in-between."

Charlie rode for seven hours on Wednesday.  I am so thankful that we are truly a family farm, and that Dallas and Papa are so willing to let us all be involved.  Charlie thinks he is 100% part of the operation, it's important that our nephews and nieces get a time to ride, we bring meals out, and leave them alone the rest of the time.  :)  But, a family affair it is.  Makes me grateful.

Charlie's version of Pleasant Valley Family Farms.

See little man under there?
It's an exciting time of year!  

Monday, August 31, 2015

First day of school!

Well, the first week of school came and went.  And, everyone is happy and well!

The girls were super excited.  We had a nice, long summer as school seemed to start later this year (big thumbs up!).

Maleah seemed nervous.  Third grade is a big jump academically, as well as upstairs at the school with all the "big" kids.  She has a new to her teacher, new classroom, and for my girl who likes to do well and achieve big things, it just seemed different and scary.

Layla, on the other hand, could seem to care less.  This is her first year of going every day, and though it's only been four days, her go with the flow attitude has made those four days great.

And then there's Mama.  I had all the feelings moms have the first day back; sad, nervous, excited, happy, and the list goes on and on and on.  I cried and anticipate crying every first day of school for the rest of their forever.  So yeah.  All in all, things are smooth and we are settling into our new routine again.

1st and 3rd grade, here we come!  I'm so proud of these girls and look forward to another fantastic year at Timothy Christian!